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Successful Franchise FAQ's

A franchise is the authority that an organisation essentially gives to someone to sell its goods or services or to participate in an activity that the organisation controls.

Franchises combine the independence of small-business ownership with the resources of a large corporation. To run a franchise, you don’t need any prior business experience. Franchises have a higher success rate than start-up companies.

Except for BPO/Call Center and Insurance, all industries. If a Franchisee wishes to work on any of these projects, they are free to do so.

Yes, we will provide you with two days of training. Full Operations will be covered during the training.

A minimum of 4-6 positions can be expected. This will be delivered to you over the course of one month. If you demonstrate that you are capable of handling more work, we will gladly share more work with you.

No you can bring business from anywhere in India.

Minimum 3 years People with a longer vision are desired.

That is something that you need to answer to yourself. This is not a
Salaried Job so there are no promises.

A 22 Year Old Boy & a 70 Year Old Man are doing it. Definitely you

Online Transfer. It is quick and convenient. We provide a Statement
of Accounts with this.

Keeping you idle is a loss to us. We will ensure you have enough

We have had no Complaints.

Space, Computer, Internet, Telephone, Your Time & Your Effort.

Within 7 days of us receiving the payment. Preferably we try and do
it the same day as it is credited to our account. It is your money and
its best when it is with you.

Results could be seen in 1 Day or 3 Months. Remember this is a
Business. You will take time to understand it & you must not hurry up

Yes. You can work from your home as long as you are comfortable.